Bobotie with avo salsa

More South-African than bobotie, you’ll struggle to find.

Chickpea and sweet potato fritters

These sweet fritters are the perfect addition to any brunch

Honey-Mustard baked chicken

Toss through chicken and roast

Avocado and citrus salad with biltong

Everyone knows that biltong and avo is a perfect match

Greek shish kebabs

Prepare to braai lamb cubes to your liking

Roast potatoes, tomatoes and olives

Roast potatoes, tomatoes and olives

Potato, Leek and Blue Cheese Soup

A delicious starter to wow your guests

Beef teriyaki

Beef teriyaki with stir-fry beef strips, teriyaki sauce, ginger, beef and noodles

Buttermilk vetkoek with curried mince and guacamole

If vetkoek and mince makes you think of a heavy, greasy meal – then you’re in for a treat with this recipe.